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Series Merge

Revision Information

This is a major change for our existing customers. We realize there may be some temporary inconveniences; but we strongly believe the advantages of what we have done far outweigh any difficulties you may initially encounter. These changes will better equip us to meet your needs now and in the future. Maybe the most important thing to know is that EDP Part Numbers did not change.

Old Series:
New Series:
Series Length Coating End Type Single/Double
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Why did we change and merge series?

The main reason is to make it easier for you, our customers (both new and existing) to find the item you need for the job. The greatest impact will be seen in enabling powerful new tools for both external and internal use on our web site, in apps and other areas driven by technology. For customers new to the Fullerton Tool line it greatly simplifies things. Instead of needing to know 300+ series of End Mills and remember how they are related, a new customer or employee only needs to know about 40.

What did we do to Series?

We merged multiple series with the same basic geometries into one series. The greatest impact is seen in End Mills; but all tool lines are affected. Now the core geometries and specs on a tool set it apart from the others. For example:

  • Our 3200 was a 4-flute Standard Length End Mill and a 3290 was the Stub Length version of that. They are both now under the 3200 series.
  • In addition there were series like 9200XLs which featured metric dimensions and an Extra Long length. They are also rolled into the 3200 series.
  • The same is true for our Double End versions that featured the same geometries.

Even though an item’s series designation may have changed, its EDP/Part Number did not change. If you order the same part number you will receive the same tool. The description has simply changed.

For your convenience, we have tried to standardize and improve our labels to help readily identify what tool you have.

How do you figure out what the new series is?

We have created several documents to help you identify series including an old series designation to new reference guide. It can be found in the downloads section to the right.

If you have any difficulties; please call us at 800-248-8315 or use the web chat so that we may help you reach your goal.

Also, if you need to figure out a tool for an application we have built extensive online tool recommendation systems for both End Mills and Drills.

Remember - if you have an EDP part number; it is not changing. The part number is still the part number and will continue to be the part number for the products life.