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Custom Carbide Tooling

Custom Tooling

Complex machining often requires custom tooling. We provide custom tooling solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs, specific to your complex machining applications.

Types of Custom Tooling We Make
End Mills
Keyseat Cutters

“Thanks to Fullerton, we were able to have 40 custom-made tools designed, engineered, and manufactured in less than 3 weeks for our automotive cast aluminum parts, which was just in time to ramp up our production line.”


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How it Works?

We assess your machining needs through a collaboration with your machinists and our engineering and technical support teams. This allows us to better understand your specific goals, which helps us design and manufacture the right tooling for you. Sometimes that means making a slight alteration to one of our standard tools, while at other times we create innovative, custom tooling specific for your application. Regardless of how simple or complex your machining needs are, we manufacture every tool with precision and concise parameters that produces tooling with exceptional performance.

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