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Carbide Grades

Dura Carb Family of Carbide Substrates

Fullerton tools are made with the finest grades of carbide found in the industry. Fullerton has worked with key suppliers to develop our Dura Carb family of carbide substrates. These uniquely designed grades make the performance difference our customers demand. Fullerton understands Advanced Performance Tooling needs continuous development in all aspects of the tool. This is why we work closely with quality carbide vendors to research and develop superior performing carbide grades/ We are continuously testing newly developed grades in our R&D facility. We apply them in niche applications to create the most advanced solution with the best combination of geometry, carbide substrate, and coating. The list below is just a sampling of the Dura Carb family.

Dura Carb

With its premium micrograin structure, Dura Carb is a versatile grade that can be applied in a wide range of applications.

Image of a Dura Carb Tool
Dura Carb II

A super strong substrate designed to handle high shock resistance. It contains a larger percentage of cobalt which increases its resistance to shock. We recommend Dura Carb II in roughing applications and to add coatings to improve tool life.

Image of a Dura Carb II Tool
Dura Carb III

This superior wear grade is excellent for low impact tooling. It is a long-lasting substrate for ideal machining conditions.

Image of a Dura Carb III Tool
Dura Carb IV

Special ultra-fine carbide grade for machining hard materials. >60RC

Image of a Dura Carb IV Tool
Dura Carb V

Special submicron grade for high performance machining of steel, stainless steel, and difficult to machine materials like titanium. It has optimum toughness combined with very good wear resistance.

Image of a Dura Carb V Tool