2455 JIT Saws | Non-Ferrous

The 2455 JIT Saw Excels in Aluminum, Magnesium, Brass, Copper, Composites, Plastics, and Wood.

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The 2455 JIT Saw offers 24-hour and 48-hour just-in-time delivery of saws sized to exact size requirements. It comes in various arbor diameters in relation to their outer cutting diameter. The 2455 JIT Saw is stocked uncoated. For Size Ranges: .25”-3”, 1-12 Pieces | 24-Hours, 13-25 Pieces | 48-Hours, 26-49 Pieces | 5 Working Days, 50+ Pieces | Contact Customer Service. For Size Ranges: > 3”, 1-6 Pieces | 24-Hours, 7-12 Pieces | 48-Hours, 13-25 Pieces | 5 Working Days, 26-49 Pieces | 10 Working Days, 50+ Pieces | Contact Customer Service.

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