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5500 MATRX End Mill

The MATRX excels in material removal in composites, graphite, and plastics.

Tool Specifications
Grade |
High Performance
End Style |
Number Of Flutes |
5 Flutes
Lengths |
Standard, Extra-Long
Coating |
Uncoated, FC-1
Single/Double End |
Single End
Cutting Type |
Spiral Direction |
Right Hand
Helix Angle |
35 Degrees
Dimension Type |
Imperial, Metric
Shank Tolerance |
Cutting Tolerance |
+.0000"/-.003" | +0.00mm/-0.0762mm

Application Check

The 5500 MATRX is a 5-flute, high performance end mill that allows for ultimate material removal rates in carbon composites, fiberglass, fiber reinforced materials, plastics, and green ceramics. Its high shear and low cutting forces provide a clean edge with minimal material delamination or tearing of fibers. The 5500 MATRX is stocked uncoated and with FC-1 coating.