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3500 Fury End Mill

The Fury excels in hardened steels, super alloys, stainless steels, and steels.

Tool Specifications
Grade |
High Performance
End Style |
Ball, Radius, Square
Number Of Flutes |
4 Flutes
Lengths |
Stub, Standard, Extra-Long
Coating |
Single/Double End |
Single End
Cutting Type |
Spiral Direction |
Right Hand
Helix Angle |
Dimension Type |
Imperial, Metric
Shank Tolerance |
Cutting Tolerance |
+.0000"/-.002" | +0.00mm/-0.05mm

Application Check

The 3500 Fury is a 4-flute, high performance end mill that excels in stainless steels, steels, super alloys, and titanium. It performs exceptionally in high-speed machining and full diameter milling as well as produces excellent surface finishes. Its tool versatility results in increased productivity, less tool changes, and longer tool life. The 3500 Fury is stocked with FC-20 coating.