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Small Engine

Fullerton Tool Small Engine

The Small Engine Industry depends on quality tooling at a minimal cost per piece when producing in high volumes. Consistent part production is ideal in this industry and Fullerton Tool has proven itself to deliver innovative tools for your desired application and excels in maximizing your efficiency.

Test on our machines using our in-house R&D Lab to provide you with the best cycle times and overall unbeatable solutions. Turn multiple operations into one by having your machine builders work directly with Fullerton Tool’s highly experienced sales and engineering staff to develop a process to eliminate unnecessary passes and minimize the tooling needed for your process.

Key Tools for Small Engine

dominator brand logo

The Dominator drill contains unique geometry features that improves surface features, enhances coolant flow and improves chip removal while maintaining tight tolerances and eliminating the need for reaming.

Fullerton Tool dominator

PCD tooling produces high material removal rates, decreased cycle times and provides more parts per shift while carrying a tool life that is up to 10 times the life of solid carbide

Fullerton Tool pcdtooling

With the fastest lead time in the business, Fullerton Tool’s solid carbide saws can be shipped in 24 hours whereas altered standards and custom specials take just a few days more.

Fullerton Tool saws