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Fullerton Tool Recreational

The Recreational Industry is a vast and seemingly never-ending array of products that are manufactured with standard tooling as well as custom solutions. Fullerton Tool has proven itself to solve production processes for high volume manufacturing that concentrates on cost per piece and tool life.

Maximize your efficiency with Fullerton’s fully equipped in-house R&D Lab as you test on our machines to provide you with the information for the best cycle times and unbeatable solutions.

Key Tools for Recreational

alumamillg3 brand logo

The AlumaMill G3 is a solid carbide end mill that is a generation ahead of all other aluminum cutters as it achieves high metal removal rates while maintaining superior wall and floor finishes.

Fullerton Tool alumamillg3
alumadrill brand logo

Fullerton’s AlumaDrill is ideal for high speed drilling in various materials as the parabolic flutes with thinner OD margins enhance chip evacuation and allow for self-centering.

Fullerton Tool alumadrill