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Fullerton Tool Aerospace

The Aerospace Industry is vastly competitive with the need for dependable tool manufacturers to provide the industry with cost effective tooling that can continually increase production times while maximizing on metal removal rates. Exquisite geometry and consistency are key players when tight tolerances, superior surface finish and perfect wall thicknesses are expected for every area of production. Long reach tooling for pocketing is important for the Aerospace Industry and Fullerton’s FAST ability to produce you with a custom tooling solution is like a diamond in the rough.

Exotic Aerospace materials (composites, honeycomb, Ti64, etc) can be seemingly difficult to machine, but Fullerton’s in-house R&D Lab combined with the vast custom engineering knowledge can test and solve any material machining issues and provide you with unbeatable solutions.

Key Tools for Aerospace

alumamillg3 brand logo

The AlumaMill G3 is a solid carbide end mill that is a generation ahead of all other aluminum cutters as it achieves high metal removal rates while maintaining superior wall and floor finishes.

Fullerton Tool alumamillg3
alumadrill brand logo

Fullerton’s AlumaDrill is ideal for high speed drilling in various materials as the parabolic flutes with thinner OD margins enhance chip evacuation and allow for self-centering.

Fullerton Tool alumadrill
dominator brand logo

The Dominator drill contains unique geometry features that improves surface features, enhances coolant flow and improves chip removal while maintaining tight tolerances and eliminating the need for reaming.

Fullerton Tool dominator
fantom brand logo

Difficult materials are no match for Fullerton’s Fantom end mill as the variable indexing and eccentric relief provides stability that allows for heavier chip loads and superior part finishes.

Fullerton Tool fantom
harmonicut brand logo

Minimize the effects of harmonics and vibration with Fullerton’s Harmon-i-cut end mill as it maximizes metal removal rates and has proven itself to be one of the best performing variable helix and variable index end mills in the marketplace

Fullerton Tool harmonicut
hercules brand logo

Fullerton’s Hercules is a solid carbide end mill packed with power and high accuracy giving it the ability to produce superior wall finishes.

Fullerton Tool hercules