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We support the value-added services of our partners in industrial distribution. Our products are exclusively sold through selected, authorized industrial distributors that meet our high standards of business ethics and customer service capabilities.


Cancellations of orders for “standard catalog product” can be made at no charge, providing the tools have not been shipped and we have not incurred labor expense to finish to a specific size or altered standard markings or packaging and the order quantity was not unusually large compared to Fullerton’s average sales for that particular item. A cancellation fee will be charged in proportion to the amount of the cost accumulated on the order prior to cancellation.


Fullerton cannot be responsible for the performance of or compliance to specifications, nor can we accept, for return, any tool that has been altered in any way by our customers. This includes, but not limited to, surface treatments, coatings, flats, tangs, markings, or any geometry alterations.


Unless your order specifies no over shipments, no under shipments, or exact quantities required, Fullerton’s policy follows standard industry practice on altered standard and special orders which is to start +10% over the quantity ordered. On quantities from 1 piece to 9 pieces, our standard shipping tolerance is plus or minus 1 piece. Orders for special tooling that specify “no over and no under shipments” (exact quantities) are subject to a premium charge. Orders for special tooling that specify “no over shipments” can ship as much as 20% below the order quantity and if less than 10 pieces, up to 2 below the order quantity. Orders for special tooling that specify “no under shipments” can ship as much as 20% above the order quantity and if less than 10 pieces, up to 2 above the order quantity.


We guarantee our products will conform to the specifications listed on custom blueprints, orders, and quotation requests. Dimensions, specifications, and tolerances not listed will be furnished to the current Fullerton Tool Company manufacturing standards. Our warranty is limited to the repair, replacement, or full credit for the tools found not to be within specifications, at our option.


Always contact our customer service department to obtain a “returned goods authorization number” (RGA) prior to returning any material. Fullerton will allow a single return of a customer’s “slow moving inventory” of standard catalog product once per year. When the return is accompanied by stock replacement order of equal or greater value, we will issue full credit for the returned product. If the returned product is not accompanied by a stock replacement order, a 20% restocking charge will apply. All products returned must be within 1 year of ship date, in clean resalable condition, and in original packaging. We cannot accept any product that has been discontinued or in quantities that are unusually large compared to Fullerton’s average sales for any particular item, or any decimal size end mills, reamer, and saws.

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