Our website will be unavailable Friday, April 19th at 1:30 PM (EST) - Sunday, April 21st at 9:00 PM (EST) while we transition to our new website.

Fullerton will be closing early on Friday at 1:30 PM (EST). Shipping Cut-Off: FedEx – 11:30 AM (EST), USPS – 12:30 PM (EST), UPS – 12:45 PM (EST).

Serving Your Industry

From concept to chips, Fullerton Tool Company has the experience and expertise to turn seemingly impossible machine tool problems into opportunities at your spindle.

Whether it's a domestic or global project, the advanced engineering team, coupled with the latest innovative technology and inspection equipment, is ready to assist you with your needs: reducing cycle time, minimizing cost per piece, combining multiple operations in a single tool, or completing a turnkey tooling process.

Don't hesitate to challenge our 70 plus years of experience in special carbide tool developments. Fullerton's reputation ripples through the industry as the leader of quality and uniquely designed and manufactured specials.