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Research & Development

Fullerton's Advanced Solutions Team (F.A.S.T) is the foundation of our commitment to continuous improvement, innovation, and product diversity. Our FAST team has become experts in developing groundbreaking and superior cutting tools and services for our customers. We continuously work to improve our internal operations so that we can reduce lead times, provide value-added services, and improve quality and tool performance for our customers.

We combine our highly skilled operators with our top-of-the-line production machinery to design and manufacture special cutting tools for your most demanding applications. Our FAST team will work closely with your company to help you obtain your goals for optimal process parameters and become lean, efficient, and profitable manufacturers.

Fullerton's fully equipped Research & Development Lab enables our FAST team to support our customers in maximizing the benefits of using Fullerton's tools. Our team will closely work with you to match the right tool to your job. Whether the tool is off the shelf, a standard tool with slight alterations or a completely new tool desgined specifically for your application, we will test examine it thoroughly to ensure it will produce profits on your spindle.

Fullerton has a fully staffed R&D lab and team:
  • Developing the next Advanced Performance cutting tools
  • Testing new materials and coatings
  • Assisting customers to optimize their process
  • Optimizing cutting geometries and parameters


“Fullerton's FAST team designed, engineered and manufactured over 40 special tools for three automotive cast aluminum parts to ramp up for our production in less than three weeks.”
Tier One Supplier
“I gave the FAST team some scrap parts to develop a tool that would last longer than 3 to 5 parts for slotting and profiling 52 Rc material I was machining. They took on the challenge and developed a tool that lasted as long as 30 parts. It was outstanding.”