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Fullerton tool company 3500 series


Fullerton Tool’s high performance, solid carbide 3500 series end mill is very versatile and capable of high speed machining or full diameter milling as it is a unique solid carbide tool that dominates in stainless steels, high temp alloys, and titanium. Versatility equates to higher productivity, less tool changes, and longer tool life.


  • Advanced Performance
  • 4 Flute
  • Corner Radius or Ball Nose
  • Variable Helix
  • Variable Index
  • Right Hand Spiral
  • Right Hand Cut
  • Center Cutting
  • Stub, Standard, Extra Long Length
  • Standard FC-20 Coating
  • Inch and Metric Based Tools
  • Dura Carb (Micrograin)

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Cutting DiameterFlute LengthShank DiameterOverall LengthRadiusEnd TypeWeldon FlatFC20

Material TypeProfile FinishingProfile RoughingSlottingPlunge / RampPocket
General PurposeApplicable Applicable Applicable Applicable Applicable
High Si Aluminum > 10%Applicable
Low Si Aluminum < 10%Applicable
PlasticsDiscouraged Discouraged Discouraged Discouraged Discouraged
Brass & CopperApplicable
Cast IronSecondary Secondary Secondary Secondary Secondary
Hardened Steels > 48 RCSecondary Secondary Secondary Secondary Secondary
SteelsSecondary Secondary Primary Primary Primary
Stainless SteelsApplicable Primary Primary Primary Primary
Super Alloys (Nickel based, Inconel)Secondary Primary Primary Primary Primary
TitaniumSecondary Secondary Secondary Secondary Secondary