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Fullerton tool company 3215SM series


Fullerton's 2-flute sub-miniature solid carbide end mill series with diameters as small as .005". The 3215SM is manufactured consistently to the highest quality standards and tolerances. Offered in an extensive variety of configurations.


  • Special Sub Miniature Design
  • Square or Ball End
  • 2 Flutes
  • 30° Helix
  • 1.5 x Diameter and 3 x Diameter Flute Length
  • .1250 Inch h6 Shank Diameter
  • 1.5000 Inch Overall Length Single End
  • Right Hand Spiral
  • Right Hand Cut
  • Standard Uncoated
  • Inch Based Tools
  • Center Cutting
  • Dura Carb II for Enhanced Shock Resistance
  • Shank Diameter Tolerance: h6
  • Cutter Diameter Tolerance: +/- . 0005” / +/- 0.02mm
  • Some Items are made to order and not planned as a normal stocked item, when checking stock this will be indicated

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