Fullerton tool company 1595 series


The 1595 S-Drill is Fullerton's newest advanced performance coolant fed, double angle point drill. The S-Drill has a special polished flute for better chip flow and comes with Fullerton's FC-7 coating. The S-Drill is Fullerton's go to drill for stainless steels and steels and can also be used in cast iron, titanium, super alloys, and aluminum.


  • 2 Flutes
  • Double Angle Point
  • Self-Centering
  • Right Hand Spiral
  • Right Hand Cut
  • Coolant Through Standard
  • FC-7 Coating
  • Metric and Inch Based Tools
  • Dura Carb (Micrograin)
  • Shank Diameter Tolerance: h6
  • Cutter Diameter Tolerance: m7

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