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FAST | Fullerton Advanced Solutions Team

F.A.S.T. defines what we do for our customers and ensures we deliver on that promise every time.

What is FAST?

What is FAST?

Our Fullerton Advanced Solutions Team (F.A.S.T.) is the foundation of our commitment to continuously improve, innovate, and provide product diversity. This includes helping our customers reduce cycle times, minimize cost per piece, combine multiple operations in a single tool, and provide a complete turnkey tooling process.

Our fully equipped Research & Development Lab along with our advanced engineers and application specialists enable our F.A.S.T. team to support our customers in maximizing benefits of using Fullerton tooling solutions, in obtaining manufacturer’s goals of optimal process parameters, as well as becoming lean, efficient, and profitable manufacturers.

F.A.S.T. defines what we do for our customers and ensures we deliver on that promise every time.

Highly Qualified
& Technical
Field Support
24-Hour Phone Response Goal
In-House Engineering Only One Call Away.
Resolve Machining Problems Quickly with the R&D Lab.
What is FAST?

R&D / Engineering Support

Our R&D Lab allows us to develop new tooling solutions, improve manufacturing processes for customers, solve customer manufacturing problems, test parts for customers, define tooling geometries, and create application trainings.

  1. In-house support for machinability and tooling optimization
  2. Fully Six-Sigma Staff
  3. Programming support with MasterCam to identify and evaluate processing techniques for specified materials
  4. Provide targeted and optimized parameters utilizing customer supplied materials
  5. Assist in maximizing tool efficiency, as well as reducing cycle times and overall total costs
  6. State of the Market Inspection Technology
What Next?

Download our Research & Development Flyer for More Information on FAST and our R&D Support.

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