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About Fullerton Tool

Family Owned

Fullerton Tool Company has been family owned and in full operation for over 70 years as they proudly manufacture solid carbide cutting tools for a vast variety of industries. Fullerton Tool has been located in Saginaw, Michigan since the company began in 1942 and they are the only location in the world that manufactures Fullerton brand solid carbide cutting tools. The company is a frontrunner in the manufacturing of solid carbide cutting tools as the employees and processes are dedicated to you – the customer.

American Made

Fullerton is currently led by President Patrick Curry, the third generation successor for the company. Even though Fullerton Tool is family-owned, the manufacturing strengths and capabilities within the company far outweigh other tool manufacturers. The genuine passion for manufacturing is evident throughout the entire facility as each employee strives to provide high productivity rates while delivering the best in quality customer service.

Fullerton Advanced Solutions Team


Fullerton's Advanced Solutions Team (FAST) is the foundation of our commitment to continuously improve, innovate and provide vast product diversity. Our FAST culture is compiled of experts that specialize in the development of groundbreaking, superior carbide cutting tools while delivering unique high quality services for all of our customers. We continuously work to improve our internal operations with goals of reducing lead times, providing value-added services and improved quality and overall tool performance for our customers.

We combine our engineering staff with our highly skilled operators and top-of-the-line production machinery to design and produce custom carbide cutting tools for your most demanding tooling applications. Our FAST culture will work closely with your company to help you obtain your goals for optimal process parameters while becoming lean, efficient and profitable manufacturers. Fullerton Tool is proud to leave our print on every service we provide.

Fullerton FAST



Fullerton Tool Company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that continually provides quality solid carbide cutting tools to thousands of pleased customers every day. As an ISO certified company, Fullerton Tool continues to demonstrate their commitment to process improvement and providing high quality products to their customers. Fullerton Tool Company carries a true passion for manufacturing and is dedicated to providing the best for the customers and industries they serve.

Fullerton ISO

Fullerton's Commitment to Quality

For over 70 years Fullerton Tool has proven itself as a dedicated manufacturer, working directly with customers to provide innovation and solutions right at the spindle. The experienced sales staff and incredibly knowledgeable engineering department will stop at nothing to get the results you deserve.

Not only do they pride themselves on manufacturing quality solid carbide cutting tools and direct customer satisfaction, but they also push for innovation on every level. Fullerton Tool is continually in search of new ways to improve the manufacturing process as well as the services they provide. Our FAST culture surrounds their commitment to high quality solid carbide cutting tools and the services they provide.

Another part of the FAST culture is the application of lean manufacturing concepts. Utilizing lean concepts such as 5S, Six Sigma and FRM (Fast Response Manufacturing) helps Fullerton Tool provide the highest quality at competitive prices. Fullerton Tool employs multiple lean champions to help drive these concepts and implement changes such as visual management and reductions in work-in-process while focusing on the 7 categories of waste.


To be a world class manufacturer known for producing FAST innovative solutions.







Fullerton Tool's founder, Morgan Arthur Curry, was the embodiment of what America represents. A place where a vision, hard work, and a life long commitment to reaching your dreams becomes a reality. Morgan was born on December 28, 1911 in Freeland, Michigan. He was the first child of Marlin and Rose (Leaman) Curry. After a childhood of arduous farm chores, Morgan vowed he would do whatever it took to get himself off the farm.

At the age of 17, he entered the University of Michigan and went on to achieve a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1932. To get through the U of M financially, Morgan waited on tables, swept floors, and washed dishes for four years. He was very determined because he wanted to be the first Curry to receive a college degree. Surprisingly, his journey to leave the farm began by buying a farm (acquired from a "Homestead" by the government) and acquiring a milk route in 1932. Morgan continued to operate his milk route for three years until 1935. During that time frame he also opened and closed a new tire dealership. Later in 1935, he joined the Prudential Life Insurance Company and worked there until 1940. During that time he received a "bronze merit award" from the company for obtaining $50,000 worth of new business. In 1940 Morgan left to operate a general insurance agency for two years.

In 1942 Curry entered into tool making by organizing the Research Tool Company (also sold under the names "Perma Cut" and "Wolverine Cutter") for the manufacture of cutting tools for manufacturing plants engaged in defense production. While head of this firm, he served on the Industrial Advisory Board in Washington D.C. and was recognized for his efforts by the federal government. On July 7, 1947 Fullerton Tool Company itself was incorporated. The name was derived by Morgan while working in Detroit. Looking out the window he saw a street sign - Fullerton Street. The rest is history. At the 4,000 square foot facility on 522 South Hamilton Street in Saginaw, Michigan, the company produced a variety of high-quality standard and special cutters made from carbide and steel. The tools included rotary files, end mills, saws, drills, reamers, and later, complicated close tolerance and coolant through/coated carbide tools. The company eventually moved to its present facility at 121 Perry Street in 1957.

Morgan believed in family values and had his family in place to carry his business into the 21st century. He passed away at the age of 65 but the organization was put into good hands with Morgan L. Curry Jr. becoming CEO and President and Richard C. Curry becoming the Vice President. The commitment to family has continued to the third generation of family with Richard's son, Patrick Curry, becoming the organization's Executive Vice President and COO. Now in the company's 66th year, Fullerton Tool employs over 140 people and has annual revenue of approximately $20 million. The company is recognized as a leader in precision-made tooling that is used in virtually all industries including the medical, aerospace, automotive and mold and die industries. Fullerton's tools are used whereever there is a difficult machining operation that requires quality tooling with quick on-time deliveries. The family and company have a firm grip on the future. Fullerton Tool continues to invest in new equipment, expansion and tool development while examining and planning for the future of cutting tools and manufacturing.