PCD End Mill

Fullerton tool company 6300 series


Fullerton's 6300 Series MATRX PCD EM-1 End Mills are made from pure Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) to create the most abrasive resistant tooling. The MATRX PCD EM-1 End Mill produces clean part edges, increases resistance to abrasive wear and reduces formation of built-up edges.


  • 3 Flutes
  • Standard Flute
  • Right Hand Spiral
  • Right Hand Cut
  • Available in Ball and Radius End Types
  • Pure Polycrystalline Diamond Structure (PCD)
  • Metric and Inch Based Tools
  • Dura Carb (Micrograin)
  • Shank Diameter Tolerance: +.0000""-.0005"" / +0.000-0.013mm
  • Cutter Diameter Tolerance: +.0000""-.0005 / +0.000-0.013mm

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