Fullerton tool company 3845 series

Falcon Finisher

Fullerton's solid carbide 3845 Falcon series high speed alloy steel finisher. The Falcon’s 45-degree helix and 5 eccentric relief flutes allow for superior part finishes at extraordinary feed rates. 

Series Features:

  • Square End
  • 5 Flutes
  • 45° Helix
  • Eccentric Relief
  • Single End
  • Right Hand Spiral
  • Right Hand Cut
  • Available in Various Flute and Overall Lengths
  • Standard Uncoated and TiAlN Coating
  • Center Cutting
  • Metric and Inch Based Tools
  • Dura Carb (Micrograin)
  • Shank Diameter Tolerance: h6
  • Cutter Diameter Tolerance: +.000“ -.002” / +0.000 -0.05mm
  • Some Items are made to order and not planned as a normal stocked item, when checking stock this will be indicated

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Cutting DiameterCutting Flute LengthShank DiameterOverall LengthNeck DiameterReachNoneTIALN

Material TypeProfile FinishingProfile RoughingSlottingPlunge / RampPocket
CompositesDiscouraged Discouraged Discouraged Discouraged Discouraged
PlasticsDiscouraged Discouraged Discouraged Discouraged Discouraged
High Si Aluminum > 10%Applicable
Low Si Aluminum < 10%Applicable
Brass & CopperApplicable
Cast IronApplicable Applicable Applicable Applicable Applicable
Hardened Steels > 48 RCSecondary Secondary Secondary Secondary Secondary
SteelsApplicable Applicable Applicable Applicable Applicable
Stainless SteelsApplicable Applicable Applicable Discouraged Applicable
Super Alloys (Nickel based, Inconel)Applicable Applicable
General PurposeSecondary Applicable Applicable Applicable Applicable